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BAWAC in partnership with the Betty Fashion Home has commenced a vocational skills training programme for female Internally Displaced persons across the SWR of Cameroon.The training programme is to provide the opportunity for proper rehabilitation of the IDP women and children through Psychosocial, vocational and business skills. The training programme would also go a long way in restoring their dignity and to ensure diversification of their means of livelihoods in their host communities. These interventions will help restore their lost individual and communal livelihoods and are able to make a safe and sustainable living that meets their basic needs, contributes to their dignity and provides protection for full enjoyment of their human rights at displacement and return locations. The first batch of 20 would be trained for 2 months in different vocational skills-tailoring, catering, arts and crafts, digital marketing, beauty esthetics, confectioneries, interior decorations, and food processing among other skills they want to acquire. #bawac237 #Empowerher 

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